Mythili Prabhu

Noreen was introduced to us by a friend for my daughter's HS graduation party pictures. We were so impressed that we asked her to do our family portraits which turned out spectacular! What strikes one right away, is how friendly and at the same time professional Noreen is! She created a very relaxed atmosphere for our pictures and has a keen eye for locations as well as grouping of the people. She then helped us out with the enlargement process and delivered our pictures in the promised time frame. We were immensely pleased with our experience!

Dennis Huffman

I've known Noreen for some time now and can not only vouch for her personally, but now her business professionalism as exceptional! My family and I had our photo shoot right before Christmas as our family had not been photographed together for quite some time. What was amazing is the way Noreen makes you feel during the complete process with her comments that put smiles on all of our faces at many times throughout the session. Having had photos taken of me in the past, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this, I have never seemed photogenic. She somehow made us all look like models and the poses and sets were all done with a professionalism that is hard to explain. She is highly recommended and you'll never experience it unless you see her and have her help create and sustain your memories!

Crystal Wietecha

Noreen Owens Photography won my heart and respect when I had my new family portraits done by Noreen many years ago-she managed to make my youngest son smile-no simple task. She won all my boys hearts and trust and has been our family photographer documenting our lives, from high school senior to professional to engagement and soon wedding photos ever since that joy filled fall day! She has captured our essence - not just a picture (and makes us look amazing too!) My walls are full of memories, joy and love that Noreen and her artistic talent has captured-and I wouldn't have it any other way. Anyone can take a picture-not everyone can capture a memory that lives in your heart forever-Noreen does.
Dan Tomaszewski-tn

Dan Tomaszewski

I have had the opportunity to use Noreen Owens Photography for my business and family portraits. Noreen and her team are fabulous to work with and I would highly recommend them to other Businesses and or friends or family. She makes the process so easy and fun at the same time. My family portraits are something I am going to treasure for a long time!! Noreen’s artistic ability is amazing and words cannot do it justice. I would recommend you talk to Noreen and her team and allow them to take photos that have an impact. Her photos have helped our business marketing and I am always asked who took your photos? I always proudly say Noreen Owens Photography.

Aleia Jackson

Noreen Owens Photography was by far, one of the best investments we made for our wedding day! In fact, Noreen was the first vendor we booked, even before our venue. Noreen was able to give us captivating images that really emphasized the love and feel of our special day. The canvas prints, print photographs and coffee table book are top notch quality, making us look absolutely stunning and are the focal point in many rooms in our home. Not only have I been blessed to use her for our wedding but I have also been able to use her for professional portraits and Noreen is so versatile, she is able to work in any situation; ensuring that she has the correct feel for each scenario.

Austin Szelkowski

Noreen went out of her way to make our wedding photography romantic and stylish. The results were beautiful. Everyone seems to like our photos, and many have made remarks about the high quality. I personally appreciated her willingness to run all over Ann Arbor to capture the best locations for our engagement photos. The pictures of the big day were crisp and told a story. Noreen was flexible to our schedule and needs but also provided us structural tips for the wedding day when we asked. I felt that was above and beyond the call of duty for a photographer, and it helped us a ton. It's a big job to plan a wedding, and I appreciated the added support in that arena. I was very pleased.

Colleen and Tim Sova

We have known Noreen for many years both personally and professionally. She has become a great friend. We had the pleasure of working with her on several occasions and she never disappoints. She totally knows how to make the camera shy person just open up and she truly captures the moments wonderfully. We have had many professional photos taken for our business and she always is super accommodating when we ask for various formats that help us in this extremely digital world. On another occasion we were able to pull together 13 of our family members to create a completely memorable gift for our Mom's 70th birthday. We took her breath away and made her cry! But the best photos we have ever worked with Noreen on were our daughter's graduation photos. They turned out so incredible that I actually began crying and was overcome with pride on how she captured the true beauty within our daughter. Not to mention - it was a blast and we felt like we were on a modeling photo shoot - all thanks to the talent of Noreen! We highly recommend her and hands down you will enjoy the entire experience.