Clothing will enhance the look and overall quality of your portrait. The correct clothing will assist in creating timeless portraits that can be cherished for generations to come. It is very important that if you are having a group portrait taken that everyone coordinates the color of their clothing. It will create a cohesive look among your group and an identity that you all belong together. It is just as important for individuals to wear proper clothing for their sessions. A phone consultation will disuss some options and this page will give you a good overview as well. For some of the children’s special promotion protraiture, we will provide the outfit to go with the scene.

What to Wear in Spring/Summer

  • Solid white shirts with very light khaki pants
  • Solid pastel blues, pastel greens, pastel pinks and pastel yellows
  • Denim shirts and jeans
  • Off white or beige with jeans

What to Wear in the Fall

  • Solid Black Shirts with jeans
  • Solid navy blue or burgandy shirts
  • Off white or beige shirts/sweaters
  • Denim shirts and jackets
  • Deep colored browns

Style of Clothing

  • Long sleeves and pants work best
  • Simple is best!
  • Color coordinated clothing is best.

What to Avoid

  • Avoid prints, stripes, plaids and polka dots
  • Avoid loud colors, bright pinks and bright oranges
  • Avoid short skirts and short shorts
  • Avoid patterns
  • Avoid t-shirts with writing on them

Children’s Special Promotions

For several of the children’s themed images, we provide the portrait clothing for your child to wear. We have a vast array of costuming including angel and fairy outfits, overalls, tuxedos and several beautifully styled and colored dresses. A phone consultation will provide more details.